SuSE delivers Linux 2.4 support for Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive


Author: JT Smith

Panasonic and SuSE Linux, the
international technology leader in open source operating system software, announced
today that SuSE Linux 7.1 provides complete driver support for
Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM drives. With driver support for the drive, Linux users
have low-cost, rewritable storage for feature-length videos, system
back-up/recovery and multimedia applications as well as a 6x DVD reader
and a 24x CD reader.

SuSE Linux 7.1 is a comprehensive collection of the best solutions on
Linux today and includes the new Linux 2.4 kernal which provides
increased USB support for personal computer users and enhanced scalability for
network administrators. Two versions of the product are available: a
Personal Edition for home and small office users, and an advanced
Professional Edition for developers and network administrators. Both
versions include the link Linux users need to take advantage of the many
benefits that the Panasonic rewritable DVD offers. The Linux driver treats
DVD-RAM media like any other removable hard drive media, allowing users
to treat the DVD-RAM drive just as they would any other hard drive in

Easy to install, configure and use, SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal
automatically detects and resizes window partitions during installation so users
can quickly set up their sound cards, Internet access and support for
peripherals such as the Panasonic DVD-RAM drives. In addition to
including a complete office suite package, SuSE’s Personal version offers more
than 700 open-source application packages, web browsing and email
support and sophisticated image editing software.

SuSE Linux Professional is an enterprise-level package with more than
2,500 programs for servers, networking, security, cross-platform data
exchange and multimedia applications. The new version incorporates
comprehensive server support for databases, email, e-commerce, Web, ftp, and
file servers, as well as library and logical volume management. The
longevity and reliability of the removable DVD-RAM media, combined with
its low storage cost, make it an excellent centralized storage solution
for these high-volume applications.

The Panasonic DVD-RAM drive combines the ease of use and random access
of a hard drive with transfer rates of up to 22.16Mb/sec and 95msec
access times. Offering 4.7GB of fast, random access on a single-sided
disc (9.4GB on the double-sided disc) and more than 100,000 overwrites for
about $.005/MB, the drives are ideal for meeting the growing storage
requirements of businesses and individuals that are enhancing their
communications with digitized audio signals, 3-D graphics, animation, and
high-resolution videos.

“SuSE is committed to bringing the advantages of Linux to a broader
audience,” said Roland Dyroff, SuSE Linux AG CEO. “Now that Linux is
easier to use, application and support for peripherals such as the Panasonic
DVD-RAM drive will play a key roll in increasing its market share. With
SuSE Linux,” he continued, “Linux users can simply install the drive
and take advantage of the many capabilities of the drive.”

“SuSE has developed one of the most complete and most well-documented
Linux distribution packages on the market,” said Dana Berzin, DVD
product manager at Panasonic Industrial Company’s Global Computer Group.
“We appreciate their efforts and are certain SuSE Linux will be
instrumental in fueling the growth of rewritable DVD in the Linux market.”

Pricing, Availability
SuSE Linux 7.1 is available now from SuSE’s web site,, and
from software retailers worldwide. The Personal version has a suggested
list price of $29.95 and includes three manuals and 60 days of
installation support by fax or email. The Professional version lists for $69.95
and includes four manuals and 90 days of installation support.

Panasonic Industrial Company’s 4.7GB OEM DVD-RAM drive is available as
an internal drive with a SCSI-2 interface (model LF-D291N) or with an
ATAPI interface (model LF-D211V). The Panasonic-branded internal drive,
model LF-D201U, is available from Panasonic Digital Document Company
(PDDC) and has an MSRP of $549. Double-sided 9.4GB DVD-RAM media, 4.7GB
single-sided media and 4.7GB bare disc media, which are marketed under
the Panasonic brand name, are also available from several other leading
manufacturers.. The 4.7GB bare disc DVD-RAM media can be played back on
the latest Panasonic DVD-ROM drives, as well as Panasonic’s new DVD
Player and DVD Recorder.

About SuSE Linux AG
SuSE Linux AG, Nuremberg/Germany, is one of the world’s leading
providers of complete solutions based on the Open Source operating system
Linux. In addition to operating systems and application software for
private customers, SuSE Linux AG offers software solutions and complete
systems for the deployment of Linux in companies.

SuSE supports its enterprise customers with a comprehensive range of
qualified consulting, training, and support services. The company, which
hosts the world’s largest development team
for Open Source solutions, has made its unique project and support
know-how accessible via the Internet in the largest existing Linux
knowledge database. Currently, SuSE Linux AG has more than 500 employees. The
company runs subsidiaries in six countries.

About Panasonic
Panasonic is the best known brand name of Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE: MC), a world leader in electronic and electric
products for consumer, business and industrial use.
Panasonic has introduced some of the world’s most innovative DVD
products to the market
including portable DVD players with a built-in LCD screen, DVD-Audio
players, DVD video and DVD-Audio players for automobiles, TV/DVD/VCR
systems and DVD-RAM drives. Panasonic’s DVD expertise ranges from research
and development to the manufacture of DVD mastering and replication
equipment. In Los Angeles, its Digital Video Compression Corporation
(DVCC) performs DVD encoding, artistic authoring, and services for
full-length motion picture transfer. Torrance, CA-based Panasonic Disc Services
Corporation (PDSC) performs pre-mastering, mastering and replication of
discs for DVD and DVD-ROM products. Additional information on Panasonic
and Matsushita Electric is available at

For more information on the Panasonic DVD-RAM OEM drive and media,
contact Panasonic Industrial Company, 1600 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA
95035; 408.945-5600, FAX 408.262-4214, E-mail
Or, visit the company’s Web site at For
more information on Panasonic-branded DVD-RAM drives and media, contact
Panasonic Digital Document Company, Two Panasonic Way 7D-8, Secaucus,
NJ 07094 800-742-8086, or E-mail In Canada, contact Panasonic Canada, Ambler
Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3, Canada; (905) 238-2254, FAX (905)
238-2414, E-mail

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