January 30, 2004

SuSE Linux 9 Professional Review

As you can imagine, any new release of a popular distro is largely made up of the latest iterations of the bundled packages. SuSE 9 is no different,
with the headline package being OpenOffice.org 1.1. Version 1 served the community well enough in its 18-month lifespan, but the 1.1 release contains
a number of performance and usability improvements, without sacrificing stability. This is a very worthy inclusion in any distro. To beef up the
desktop offering even more, Scribus, Linuxs first truly competitive DTP package, is also included as standard. The combination of 1.1 and Scribus
provides a pretty unbeatable desktop package at this time, but SuSE isnt alone in providing this power package. Mandrake 9.2 is available with the
same selection.

Link: pcplus.co.uk


  • Linux
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