November 21, 2003

SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional Only $50 for Students, Teachers, Schools

AbiWord is a good Microsoft Word clone that comes with SUSE 9.0 Professional. OpenOffice, which also comes with SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional, is
comparable to the Microsoft Office suite. OpenOffice includes Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Draw (for drawing vector graphics), Math
(for generating mathematical formulas), and Impress (for creating presentations).

Another nice office suite, KOffice, also comes with SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional. You also get The GIMP, an image manipulation program that is
comparable to PhotoShop ($299 educational price), with SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional.

Altogether, SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional priced at only $49.95 for qualifying students, teachers, and educational organizations is a much better choice
and more bang for the buck than buying or using Microsoft Windows XP or MS Office 2003. Here's why.


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