November 17, 2003

SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional Review

I recently picked up a copy of SuSE 9.0 Professional. I have never used or been familiar with a SuSE product before as I've only used Mandrake, Red
Hat, and a bit of Debian. After using Red Hat for a while I decided to evaluate SuSE and I am now sorry for not having tried it sooner.

SuSE uses their own YaST2 configuration system for installation. YaST2 begins by automatically configuring a
few settings before the main installation. This includes partitioning, the boot manager, and a default desktop system that the user does not even have
to touch. It automatically set up the mount points for my Windows system and partitioned everything without me touching it; simply amazing. Sadly,
SuSE did not detect my Intel i810 graphics card or just did not define the right color sets so I was forced to install in an ugly 16-bit color mode
and had to move windows up occasionally. The default system included KDE and a wide variety of applications. I chose to install everything...or at
least I thought I did.1 For those who want to decide on their own what to install, the categories are set up very nicely.



  • Linux
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