January 30, 2004

SUSE Linux Openexchange Server 4.1

SUSE Linux Openexchange Server 4.1's Web-based groupware capabilities are so good, your company might be able to use the Web interface exclusively. By
doing this, you would avoid the cost and time of installing Microsoft Outlook and a plug-in on every employee's desktop. That's a distinct advantage
over competing products in this roundup, such as CommuniGate and MailSite, neither of which has a viable Web-based groupware interface. What's more,
installing and administering Openexchange is far easier than with Microsoft Exchange or Novell GroupWise.

Openexchange is not without its limitations, however. The lack of a spell-checker in the Web client is a major omission. And larger or growing
companies may be deterred by the absence of features like delegated administration.

Openexchange runs on Linux, but that alone shouldn't steer away administrators more accustomed to Windows. SUSE includes United Linux as an integral
part of the Openexchange package (the server's price of $1,249 includes the underlying OS license), and the operating system is loaded and configured
almost transparently at setup.

Link: pcmag.com


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