October 1, 2013

SUSE Speeds up Building AArch64 Software in QEMU

ARM AArch64 logo
Following the announcement of much improved Raspberry Pi support, there is more news coming from the openSUSE ARM team! The SUSE team has been developing an AArch64 port of QEMU which is much faster building 64 bit ARM code in emulation and this code is aimed for upstream inclusion. Read on to find out what this is all about.

AArch64 Port Written and Released

SUSE engineers have taken up QEMU and developed an AArch64 port. This allows building AArch64 software in emulation with a 10-20x speedup over Foundation model provided by ARM. The code has been employed to advance the AArch64 porting work done in openSUSE, enabling AArch64 as build target in the openSUSE Build Service. Thanks to an agreement with ARM, SUSE has been able to open source the code and is working on inclusion in upstream QEMU. For those interested, the code is also publicly available on Github.

arndale cluster used in OBS


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