SUSECon Summary: Big-Time Linux is Getting Bigger


What I learned at SUSECon: large-scale enterprise Linux is huge, and its serious growth is just beginning. Consolidating the datacenter into Linux on mainframes is perfect for financial institutions and retailers, and for any workloads with large-scale transactions and database processing. Linux is also a great fit on mid-range and small servers, distributed computing, supercomputers, and well, pretty much everything.

Consolidation isn’t always this dramatic: “The servers! They stole all our servers!”” frameborder=”0

I must bid SUSECon 2013 a sad farewell. It’s been a great trip, and I got to meet a lot of friends I’ve never met in person before, and make new friends. Please enjoy these photos of a wonderful conference.

red flowers at SUSECon 2013

egret at SUSECon 2013

SUSECon captive


unisys at SUSECon 2013skeleton


singing thing at SUSECon 2013

fuzzy tux at SUSECon 2013 mainframe