December 19, 2003

SUSE/IBM, Red Hat/Oracle Tool Up On CCS Security

Backed by big name partners, SUSE Linux and Red Hat are each putting their security systems through the rigorous paces of Common Criteria Scheme (CCS)
testing, with ultimate plans to reach the same security ratings already achieved by Microsoft and Unix players.

The Common Criteria stamp of approval "reduces the investment risk and also provides more trust" in Linux, according to Roman Drahtmueller, a member
of SUSEs security team.

Over a live videoconferencing link from Germany, Drahtmueller told attendees at the recent InfoSecurity conference in New York City that SUSE is
"number one" among Linux distributors now being evaluated under the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC 2.1).

Drahtmueller added, though, that SUSE is also "grateful that we can contribute together with Red Hat" under the Common Criteria umbrella.



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