July 1, 2001

SV.com debate ends; Craig Mundie avoids responding

Author: JT Smith

Andy Tai writes: "The interesting debate
at SiliconValley.com, involving Craig Mundie of
Microsoft, Bruce Perens of the Free Software
community, and others, has ended. It is interesting to
go through the messages and to see that Mundie does
not really address some questions thrown at him, such
as how does the so-called "viral" licenses endanger
Microsoft's IP rights over its own code. Instead he
just paraphrases the Microsoft party line in his conclusion."

"Bruce's last message
sums it up:

Craig Mundie,
One of our readers commented to me that you are not
debating me - you don't respond directly to my posts
at all. Please be aware that this is a debate, that
both of us are members of the panel, and that you
should at least make the attempt to refute my points.

Bruce Perens

Will Mundie's appearance in the O'Reilly Conference at
San Diego be much of the same?"

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