March 3, 2004

Swapping Red Hat for a Fedora

THERE was quite a bit of consumer reaction when Red Hat Inc announced that it would no longer provide support for the free version of its Linux
operating system.

Some cried foul saying that Red Hat was being selfish and that it had fallen into the pit of commercialism rather than staying true to the free spirit
of open source software.

Others, like me, yawned and let it slide. We believe that Red Hat has the right to make money from its products. After all, isnt that the reason for
someone going into business?

For me, the situation wasnt particularly alarming especially after I heard that consumers looking for the free version of Red Hats Linux distribution
could opt for Fedora instead.

The Fedora Project, as its website states, is a Red Hat-sponsored, community-supported open source project that is also a proving ground for new
technology that may eventually end up in Red Hats products.



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