August 22, 2001

Swarmcasting RH Roswell and MDK Raklet ISOs

Author: JT Smith

Gary Lawrence Murphy writes: "Swarmcast is at it again: Here's an opportunity for the truly to grab two of the newest Linux beta distro CD sets over a new GPL P2P technology. For those who don't know Swarmcast, this a JavaWebStart (JNLP) implementation of a different sort of file transfer using forward error correction to enable file 'sharing' long before the first download is done. Some call it "RAID for the Web".
To play the game, you need the Java Runtime 1.2 or better, and it
works best when there are more than two people downloading (or who
are kind enough to stay online after downloading)

RedHat 'Roswell' ISOs:
Disk One / Disk Two
Mandrake 'Raklet' 8.1-beta1
Disk One / Disk Two

Mozilla/Galeon/Konqueror users who have already installed JWS will need to substitute jnlp= instead of url=

Swarmcast is nearing release, but the current system is still beta; no guarantees are implied or given, your mileage may vary, we take no responsibilities for loss of limbs or property damage. You can repay our efforts by filing trouble reports. For more information on Swarmcast, visit"


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