March 23, 2001

Sweden is for software patents

Author: JT Smith

Mikael Pawlo writes: "Gnuheter reports (in Swedish) that the Swedish government will work together with the United Kingdom and France to make software patentable in the EC.
Swedish Minister of Trade, Leif Pagrotsky, informed the Swedish EU council of the governments concerns and positive attitude towards software patents. The council is reported to have joined in on Pagrotskys and the governments views.
The UK Patent office has already stated a clear support for software patents, however put very unclear in words:
" The Governments conclusion is thus to reaffirm the principle that
patents are for technological innovations. Software should not be
patentable where there is no technological innovation, and
technological innovations should not cease to be patentable merely
because the innovation lies in software.'
UK PTO on software patents."
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