February 11, 2002

Swedish: The Open Source language?

Author: JT Smith

mpawlo writes, "As reported by Gnuheter, it seems like Swedish is becoming the official open source language. Here are some recent developments on this matter.
One Gnome 2.0 desktop alpha was called Mr Nilsson Sheds a tear (sw: Mr Nilsson was a character (a monkey) in the Pippi children book series written by recently deceased Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren), another Gnome 2.0 desktop alpha was called Rolig Liten Hattgubbe (sw: Funny little hat man), the Garnome preview number one was called Grym liten hattgubbe (sw: Mean little hat man) and now the new version of the free newsreader Pan is called Ansluter till den svenska konspirationen (sw: Joining the Swedish conspiracy). What do you make of this?"


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