The Sweetness of JAMstack: JavaScript, APIs and Markup


The JAMstack approach to web development has been emerging for several years, but really took off in 2017. More a design philosophy than an explicit framework, JAMstack takes the concept of static, database-free websites to the next level via an architecture advocates are calling “the future of the internet.”

Which only makes sense. Browsers themselves have essentially become mini operating systems capable of running complex client-side applications while interacting with myriad APIs. Meanwhile, with the help of with Node.js and npm, JavaScript has leaped the divide between front and back end for real-time, two-way communication between client and server. JAMstack is simply harnessing these factors in a logical and effective way.

(A word on static vs. dynamic site architecture: static in this context refers to how websites are built, powered and served, which in no way means that a static site lacks interactivity.)

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