January 16, 2006

Swiss TV: News Site runs with eZ publish

eZ systems writes "The editorial staff of the Swiss TV "Tagesschau" news site uses eZ publish since December. eZ publish is the leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management System created by eZ systems.

Swiss TV has deliberately preferred products from the Open Source world when looking for a new Enterprise Content Management solution: One objective of the project was high flexibility for shaping the workflows, seamless integration with legacy systems, complete vendor independence.

In the course of renaming Swiss TV from "SF DRS" to "Schweizer Fernsehen", the broadcast station conducted a complete re-branding of its news branch. The new Web site had to go online in parallel with those changes. eZ publish now replaces a self-made solution by the editorial staff of Swiss TV.

The parent company SRG SSR idée suisse has signed a framework contract, which makes eZ systems the preferred service provider. "We are all around very happy with the introduction of the new Tagesschau site", states Walter Bachmann, leader of the multimedia center of Swiss TV.

At www.tagesschau.sf.tv, latest news, images and videos are being published. The multimedia news journalists create the contents via a Web-based workplace. The business logic of the editorial staff has been implemented within eZ publish without problems, due to the integrated workflow system which allows modifications without touching the software kernel. Additionally, the software allows to integrate the interfaces of legacy systems as extensions. In the case of Swiss TV, the examples range from weather information retrieved from a third-party application to integration of the news feed of Schweizer Nachrichtenagentur SDA (Swiss news agency) via NewsML format.

Also in respect to the software environment, eZ publish does not impose specific restrictions. Accordingly, the PHP-based CMS solution has been installed without problems on top of the existing server infrastructure of Swiss TV, having eZ publish connect to an Oracle database cluster owned by the customer."

Link: ez.no

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