February 6, 2002

SWsoft alliance program boosts .Net-like software sales on Linux for several companies

Author: JT Smith

SWsoft, Inc., an advanced
server and networking technology company, responded to increased demand
for Internet-based application sales by announcing a alliance program
with initial members Macromedia, Miva, Planet Intra and other top ISVs
to enable sales, provisioning, licensing and billing of software in a
hosted Linux environment. The alliance program builds on SWsoft's
successful relationships with Intel and Dell and enables efficient
software sales in hosting environments through SWsoft's flagship
product, HSPcomplete.

Virtuozzo, the technology behind HSPcomplete, allows upwards of 800
virtual operating systems, or instances of the Linux operating system,
to exist on a physical Intel-based server. It is the only technology
that supports shared, dedicated and complex dedicated hosting
environments, creates a seamless and customizable reseller channel and
gives service providers a unified interface by which to manage all
aspects of their business. Customers can buy additional value-added
services online and migrate to different service plans automatically,
requiring little or no effort on the part of the hosting company.

"There is huge demand for the right types of Internet-based
applications," says Craig Oda, VP of Business Development for SWsoft.
"Our customers were getting many requests for applications, but were
having a difficult time with deployment, license management and

Similar to Microsoft's .NET program, SWsoft's partner program is based
upon the Linux O/S and gives companies access to technologies that
enable Internet-based applications. However, instead of using the .NET
framework, SWsoft uses open-architecture Virtuozzo, a technology that
sprang from concepts proven by IBM's mainframe. Instead of Windows,
SWsoft uses Linux, an OS phenomenon that is increasingly being used for
Internet servers. In an effort to help Linux gain an even stronger
position in the server market, SWsoft has focused its engineers,
including Alexey Kuznetsov, leader of Linux TCP/IP networking code
development, to raise Linux to that of 24x7 telecommunications

"In light of the recent failure of companies like Exodus and PSINet, Web
hosting companies are looking for ways to effectively scale operations
and cut costs," said Jeb Bolding, Senior Analyst with Enterprise
Management Associates. "Virtuozzo [and HSPcomplete] saves these
companies valuable time and money, enabling them to affordably offer
managed applications and services."

"We integrated Virtuozzo to handle business customers in high volume
and found that our SMB customers were asking for Internet-based
applications," Gregor Loocke, CTO, Hostica, a hosting provider with over
10,000 SMB customers. "Through Virtuozzo, within the HSPcomplete
solution, and SWsoft's software partners, I can sell these SMBs the
customized services they want - in high volume. We pass the cost
savings on to customers, giving them managed application services at
affordable prices. This would not be possible without the HSPcomplete

"The most critical thing for operating systems on the Internet is scale.
IBM's Linux mainframe scales extremely well and is penetrating into data
centers," said Alexander Tormassov, Chief Scientist, SWsoft. "Virtuozzo
compliments the mainframe, bringing this functionality to low-cost x86
boxes and, essentially, to the mass market. As Linux is optimal for
scalability, I predict that going forward, we'll only see Linux on
mainframes and Linux with Virtuozzo-like features. ISVs are quickly
realizing the potential of this technology."

Macromedia www.macromedia.com
Macromedia's (NASDAQ: MACR) Web site development software enables
developers to rapidly and cost-effectively build Web applications.
Design tools such as DreamWeaver and Flash, in addition to server
products like ColdFusion, can now be bought and automatically
provisioned from Web hosting companies that use the HSPcomplete

Versign www.versign.com
Versign is the leading provider of digital trust services to the
end-user, SMBs and enterprises. The most widely used security products
on the Web, Versign provides embedded protection against fraud and
enables activity over the Internet to be conducted safely and freely.

Miva www.miva.com
Miva is the leading provider of e-commerce platforms for channels that
target small to mid-size businesses. The Miva e-commerce platform is
used by many Web hosting companies to enable customers to quick and
effectively implement e-commerce activity on their Web site.

Planet Intra www.planetintra.com
Planet Intra's information management software provides companies a
central place for ideas, documents and images, while also creating an
internal community for employees. The partnership with HSPcomplete will
allow prospective customers to purchase and begin using the software

"We provide customers a way to better manage company communication and
knowledge sharing, without costly installation and training," said
Suresh Mathai, CEO, Planet Intra. "By allowing customers the ability to
sign-up online and automatically provision our software through the
HSPcomplete solution, we now help them manage these aspects quicker and
more efficiently."

SWsoft is looking for other top ISV to join the Partner Program, for
more information, contact partnerships@sw-soft.com.

For more information on the VirtuozzoT 2.0 technology, please see
www.virtuozzo.com or www.sw-soft.com or contact sales@sw-soft.com.

About SWsoft, Inc.
SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company
focused on the development of its patent-pending VirtuozzoT technology
with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers
such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed
hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful,
comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management,
accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.

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