August 5, 2002

Swsoft announces HSPcomplete 2.0 full business lifecycle

SWSoft writes: "SWsoft, Inc., leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software, today announced the GA of HSPcomplete 2.0 full business lifecycle hosting automation solution. HSPcomplete 2.0 provides a fully-automated infrastructure and a full set of management and reseller user tools that enables hosting providers to support thousands of customers on a single network, integrating a flexible billing system and generating new revenue through reseller and virtual private server (VPS) products."

"The culmination of three (3) years' work, our vision of a complete hosting automation system is now realized," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of SWsoft. "Hosting businesses will now follow the trends of developed manufacturing factories that produce goods in high volume with high efficiency. We enable a fully automated robotic production line for hosting that uses technology to free the hosting worker from the drudgery of manual tasks, like billing, accounting, etc. The need for HSPs to automate and efficiently scalable business processes has never been more important."

To meet this need, SWsoft redesigned HSPcomplete to incorporate hundreds of new features . The redesign was developed over 18 months and the software subjected to an additional 9 months of testing, including a test phase in which 30 select hosting customers were brought online using a controlled release version of HSPcomplete 2.0. SWsoft went to great lengths to ensure that every feature went live with rock-solid reliability and carrier-grade scalability.

Andreas Barth, CEO of Alexandria, VA-based hosting provider, needed a way to quickly sign-up new customers, offer promotions and support his current client base and scale his business. According to Barth, "With dozens of custom hosting plans, incomplete automation systems are useless to me. After investigating other solutions, it seemed that there was always at least one process that needed to be done manually. With HSPcomplete, everything is automated, from beginning to end!"

The unique modular design consists of four "Directors," each tool managing one component of an hosting business:

1. Operations - Manages hardware, backups, domains, IP pools, service levels> and virtual partitions (or `virtual environments')
2. Business - Controls accounts, resellers, partners, enterprise accounts, billing and e-commerce systems
3. System - Configures the system and allows the HSP to mange security, Web site content, licenses and events and to customize the look and feel of the control panels
4. Application - A single point to administer application and OS templates for mass deployment of thousands of system updates, applications or other resources

These modules comprise the only pre-integrated and scalable infrastructure that automates all points in the business lifecycle of an HSP. The unique benefits of using HSPcomplete 2.0 include:

* Comprehensive - the only pre-integrated and scalable full business life-cycle solution
* Flexible Billing - powerful usage based billing with promotions support
* Integrated Billing - complete billing/accounting integration with automatic account provisioning and management capabilities
* Resellers - Tools to build a multi-tier sales channel that can be fully rebranded with fully anonymous resellers
* VPS - scalable VPS hosting capabilities and Server Consolidation technology
* Application Hosting - completely automated and integrated application templating with advanced license management
* Customizable - Ability to customize, extend and integrate. Source code available for purchase
* Unified - One unified platform to manage all hosting - basic shared, VPS, complex dedicated.

In addition to a comprehensive feature-set proven in live use, HSPcomplete 2.0 offers powerful tools and processes to configure, customize, integrate, and extend HSPcomplete 2.0, enabling HSPs to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. For example, HSPcomplete 2.0 is designed to be easily integrated into the HSP's existing infrastructure with its open API and use of standard SQL.

Jeb Bolding, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates, says that, "HSPcomplete 2.0 is a comprehensive automation solution, flexible and powerful enough to manage hosting businesses of any size."

"I needed a low-cost way to break free from the requirements of my manual operations," said Todd Robison, CEO, "I migrated to HSPcomplete [2.0] from `another leading automation system' and was able to automate all aspects of my business, giving me more time to market and sell a wider range of hosting plans."

To achieve a $5,000 promotional price goal, SWsoft developed all components internally rather than licensing third party solutions. According to SWsoft's VP of Business Development, Craig Oda, "Our competitors license 3rd party solutions like billing and accounting systems, and then force the HSP to pay for integration. We decided to aggressively grow the HSP market with pre-integrated entry pricing for small HSPs and scalable payment terms for mid and large HSPs that require integration and customization services."

Medium HSPs can quickly generate more revenue by offering new products such as VPS, managed hosting and managed applications by easily integrating HSPcomplete into their existing systems. SWsoft provides complete support options to large HSPs to allow them to use HSPcomplete's fully anonymous reseller features to develop new sales and service channels by selling through rack space and bandwidth to small HSPs.

HSPcomplete 2.0 is a true ready to run, "out of the box" system and comes pre-integrated with a large library of software and plugins that provide additional capability such as automated payment through LinkPoint, WorldPay, or and automated domain registration through OpenSRS and enom. Example ISVs include Miva, Macromedia, Sun, Tucows.

Web Seminar
SWsoft will host an online forum to discuss the costs, business models, hardware and software requirements, bandwidth utilization, and usage requirements of HSP administrators, resellers, and end-users in a free web seminar at 10:00am PDT, September 4, 2002. Register at

For more information on how HSPcomplete 2.0, please see or contact the SWsoft sales team at 1-800-422-3593

About SWsoft
SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending VirtuozzoTM technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.

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