October 27, 2004

SXIP Module Extends Federated Identity for Drupal

Lori Pike writes "Sxip Networks and Bryght have completed an authentication module for Drupal, Open Source content management software. Drupal's tremendous popularity with online communities makes it a natural fit with Sxip, the first distributed personal digital identity network.

The SXIP module ties into Drupal's existing authentication structure. The module uses the PHP Membersite Development Kit (MDK) and has the following capabilities:

* single sign-on for any user with a SXIP account who can use a "sxip in" button to authenticate with the Drupal site

* if the user has an existing account on the Drupal site (determined by matching email addresses with the SXIP persona), the existing account is re-used

"Working with Sxip has been great. We needed built-in authentication for a large federated deployment that can interoperate with other applications and user bases, and the Sxip Network offered the best means to accomplish this," said Boris Mann, head of business development, Bryght. "Plus Sxip's commitment to Open Source and its extensible protocol made it a good fit."

Further enhancements to include full profile synching and mapping of user information fields will follow in the next few weeks. You can download the SXIP module for Drupal 4.5 at http://www.drupal.org/project/releases.

The Sxip Network and protocol are community-driven and open to all. The protocol can be easily extended to support identity initiatives between communities, organizations, and standards groups. The development tools and applications are all Open Source projects, maintained and developed by the community and are designed to be easily integrated with existing projects. Additional details on the community are on sxip.org.

Bryght sells managed community content and web publishing through their hosted Drupal services. In addition, they provide custom consulting and development services for Drupal-based community solutions. More details are at bryght.com"

Link: sxip.com

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