July 13, 2006

SXP releases HampusDB, the worlds first Open Source hybrid database

Guest writes "After several years as a proprietary database, HampusDB is now released as an Open Source product, free and available for download at www.hampusdb.org.

HampusDB is a flexible and efficient hybrid database, a mixture of a filesystem and a database.
The aim is to fill the gap when storing data in a relational database is to rigid and storing
data in textfiles is too cumbersome. A typical example would be XML, configuration or heirarchical data.


HampusDB It comes with a wide range of command line utilities for manipulating and extracting data.
It's designed for both embedded, desktop and server systems. It currently runs on Linux and has
interfaces to C, C++, Java and Perl.

Key Features

  • Scalable to terabytes of data, billions of records
  • Locking using multiple readers single writers
  • Comes with client-server for multiple applications or direct file access API
  • Zero administartion
  • Uses BerkeleyDB for underlying storage (db185, db3, db4)
  • Small code footprint
  • Source code availability
  • Simple yet powerful C-API with wrappers to Java and Perl
  • Wide variety of command line applications
  • Works well with other UNIX command line applications
  • Supports regular expression and globbing to query data
  • Regression test suite and example source included
  • Features can be added and removed using autoconf

System Requirements

HampusDB is developed on Linux. It comes with binary distribution for RedHat Enterprice Linux
or source release for other distributions and plattforms.

License and Pricing

Free and licensed under GNU Lesser Public Licence.

About SXP

SXP is an Information Technology company specialized in development of novel software concepts.
For more information about SXP, visit our Web site at SXP.


Hampus Soderstrom

Link: hampusdb.org

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