January 30, 2007

Symbio Technologies Begins 2007 with New Resellers

Anonymous Reader writes "NEW ROCHELLE, NY--Symbio Technologies (www.symbio-technologies.com), an innovator in stateless computing, began 2007 with the addition of four new partners reselling and distributing its products in North America, Europe, and Asia, bringing its total number of resellers to more than fifty worldwide.

The need to secure data prompted two VARs who focus on sales to the US government, Dimensional Marketing (www.dmionline.com) and MicroComputer Resources (www.egovsales.com), to join Symbio’s partner roster. Both companies want to offer their customers diskless thin clients that meet the specifications of the Department of Energy’s Diskless Workstation Task Force. As of 2009, network terminals that can store settings or data of any kind will no longer be used by Federal agencies that deal with sensitive information. Dimensional Marketing’s president Lesley Cannon said, “We believe that Symbio Technologies’ stateless computing approach will be of great interest to government agencies seeking to ensure that their data remains secure, while at the same time reducing their electrical consumption and total cost of ownership.”

The small footprint and affordable price of Symbio’s network terminals attracted Polowick Enterprises of Pakistan into becoming Symbio’s first Asian distributor. Established in 1987, Polowick Enterprises is the authorized distributor for a wide variety of computer parts, ranging from hard drives to motherboards. Polowick’s director, Zubair Binrashid, commented, “The recently introduced SYM1110--the world’s smallest diskless thin client--combined with other products such as the Symbiont Boot Appliance, should be very welcome among our Pakistani business customers who want to eliminate the problems associated with their PCs while continuing to use their existing applications.”

A request from a customer for the Symbiont Boot Appliance, which powers up and manages diskless thin clients, brought Symbio Technologies to the attention of Steven Trueman, corporate account manager of Bechtle Direct in the UK (www.bechtle.co.uk). Trueman saw the company’s product line as a unique complement to the more than 27,000 technology items that Bechtle, one of the largest IT companies in Europe, sells via the Internet and through their catalog.

“Simplicity and security are the forces driving resellers to our doors,” noted Symbio’s chief financial officer and Director of Reseller Activities, Lew Tischler, as he welcomed the company’s new partners. “Combining these two features in a network that is powerful, affordable, reliable and allows businesses to use their current Windows and/or Linux programs makes our solution a compelling one for companies of all sizes.”


Symbio Technologies develops client hardware and server software that enable network terminals (diskless thin clients) to connect to applications housed on servers running a wide variety of terminal protocols, including Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Linux/Unix, and IBM 3270. The company's products reduce the risks and costs of IT administration by eliminating PCs, the most troublesome and costly components of computer networks. Symbio Technologies markets to business, education, library, and government users through an international network of resellers in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, and the U.K."

Link: symbio-technologies.com

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