July 29, 2005

Symbio Technologies' Intern Releases Firefox Kiosk

Anonymous Reader writes "New Rochelle, N.Y.--July 29, 2005--Symbio Technologies' intern Jevin K. Ramjattan has contributed a new extension to the Firefox browser--a kiosk browser extension. Ideal for public access sites such as Internet cafes, libraries, and schools, the extension displays the browser in a locked down mode. By using the extension, administrators can now limit the end-users' activities and substantially reduce the threat of viruses to the network.

"Rather than add to Firefox, this extension takes away from it in the sense that it locks configurations in place," said Ramjattan. "Simply download the extension from the Mozilla Update page, (https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.ph p?application=firefox&category=Kiosk%20Browsing&nu mpg=10&id=954) install it, and you can ensure that your end-users will just browse the web, not save potentially damaging files or alter your configurations." Among the three kiosk browsing extensions currently available for Firefox, Ramjattan's is the only one that locks the browser down.

Ramjattan created the kiosk browser as a project during his internship at Symbio Technologies. The company, which focuses on diskless thin client technology, is a lead developer for LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). Symbio Technologies has created an extensive internship program that encompasses students from surrounding educational institutions such as Monroe College (http://www.monroecollege.edu/ the school that Ramjattan attends. In addition, the company has an ongoing internship program with Rennert Bilingual of New York (http://www.rennert.com/ in which foreign students and working people can improve their English while learning more about American business practices.

"We are delighted with Jevin's contribution to the open source community," said Gideon Romm, Symbio Technologies' chief technology officer. "His work is in perfect keeping with the ideals of the open source community, the goals of our company, and the spirit of our internship program."

About Symbio Technologies
Symbio Technologies is an innovator in server-centric diskless thin client systems. Founded in 2002, it develops and markets client hardware and server software that enables network terminals (diskless thin clients) to connect to applications housed on servers running a wide variety of terminal protocols, including Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Linux/Unix, and IBM 3270. The company's products are designed to reduce the costs and concerns of IT administration by eliminating PCs, the most troublesome and costly components of computer networks. Symbio Technologies markets to business, education, library, and government users through an international network of resellers in the U.S., Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and the U.K."

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