February 16, 2005

Symbio Technologies Symbiont Boot Appliance Debuts

Anonymous Reader writes "NEW ROCHELLE, NY, Feb 14, 2005 â Symbio Technologies, an innovator in server-centric diskless thin client computer systems, today introduced the Symbiont Boot Appliance⢠(SBA), which takes the place of far-more-expensive boot servers for diskless thin client workstations and networks.

Available to support from 10 to 200 seats per unit, the SBA is designed to dramatically simplify deployment and administration of diskless thin client solutions. By separating and then centralizing all diskless thin client functionality and administration into a small reliable appliance, businesses, education and government users of the new SBA can save significantly on hardware and desktop administration.

âAs the famous TV chef Emeril Lagasse might say, we have clearly âkicked it up a notchâ,â said Gideon Romm, co-founder and CTO of Symbio Technologies. âWith the Symbiont Boot Appliance, there is no longer any need to install software or specially configure Microsoft® Windows® and/or Linux® application servers or mainframe systems. The SBA is an excellent solution for distributed networks with diskless thin clients in multiple rooms or multiple locations . . . ideal for use in government offices, educational facilities, or commercial establishments with centralized servers and administration. â

Easy-to-Use Web-based Administrative Interface . . . and More!

Symbio Technologies designed and manufactured the Symbiont Boot Appliance with an easy-to-use, point-and-click Web-based administrative interface â a drop-in solution with no learning curve. The SBA has no per seat or user licensing to maintain, and ensures proper functionality of certified diskless thin client hardware.

The SBA can connect certified diskless thin client workstations to additional terminal servers supporting Citrix®, Windows Terminal Services, IBM® 3270, Telnet®, and even additional Linux/Unix® servers, and, said Mr. Romm, âis the easiest and most trouble-free way to deploy and maintain a diskless thin client network.â

How The Symbiont Boot Appliance Works

The Symbiont Boot Appliance takes the place of a boot server, booting certified diskless thin clients and directing them to the appropriate application server. The SBA provides for remote management of the network, and may be accessed via the Internet to set-up, configure, add, delete, and manage the diskless thin clients in its network.

âThe SBA greatly reduces the complexity of a deployed network, frees servers for more productive purposes, eliminates the possibility of boot storms, and improves the overall design and flexibility of a certified diskless thin client network,â said Mr. Romm. âThe system administrator can easily connect more than one application server to set up multiple sessions which run simultaneously, and, because the SBA is âoperating system agnosticâ, most commonly used office and educational applications will run smoother and faster on a SBA-booted certified diskless thin client network than they will on a network of PCâs!â

Available from Symbio Technologiesâ VARs

The Symbiont Boot Appliance is available from authorized Symbio Technologiesâ value-added resellers in the U.S. and worldwide. The SBA is available in 10- and 20-seat table top models, and in 10-, 20-, 30-, 40â, 50-, 70-, 100-, 150- and 200-seat rack mounted models. All SBAâs carry a one-year warranty, upgradeable to three years.

SBAâs add to a line of products that also include The Symbiont⢠Management Suite 4, software that makes it easier than ever to set-up, configure, manage and control server-centric networks which are fully-compatible with LTSP (Linux® Terminal Server Project), pre-configured Symbiont servers, and certified diskless thin clients. The product line is supported by The Symbiont Certification Programâ¢, the only training and testing standards for VARs, LTSP users and administrators.

Information on The Symbiont Boot Appliance, on how to become a Symbio Technologies VAR, or about the Symbiont Certified training programs is available at www.symbio-technologies.com or by calling (914) 576-1205.

About Symbio Technologies

Symbio Technologies is an innovator in server-centric diskless thin client computer systems, developing client hardware and server software that manages network terminals and networks, connecting to application servers and mainframes, including Windows Terminal Services and Macintosh®. Rooted in the Open Source community, its flagship product â The Symbiont Management Suite⢠â is based on LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). Symbio Technologies markets to business, education and government users through a growing international VAR network."

Link: symbio-technologies

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