December 20, 2004

Symbiont Management Suite 4 Released

NEW ROCHELLE, NY, Dec. 20, 2004 â Symbio Technologies, the leading developer and commercializer of server software that manages diskless thin client networks, today gave a holiday gift to value-added resellers (VARs) worldwide by making the only administrative system for networked diskless thin clients even better.

The Symbiont Management Suite 4 makes it easier than ever to set-up, configure, and manage a server-centric network comprised of low-powered, long-lived desktop workstation units while controlling user activities. Available only from Symbio Technologiesâ international network of authorized VARs, The Symbiont Management Suite 4 gives education, government and business users of all sizes a cost-effective alternative to PCs on the desktop.

Fully-compatible with LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project), The Symbiont Management Suite 4 is supported by the Symbiont Certification Program, the only training and testing standards for LTSP users and administrators.

Suite 4, as with all hardware and software from Symbio Technologies, is available only from the companyâs VARs, letting resellers set their own selling price and margins.

Less Costly Solution with Hardware, Software and OS Independence

âThe Symbiont Management Suite 4, like its predecessors, is independent of hardware, software and operating system constraints,â said Roger Del Russo, co-founder and COO of Symbio Technologies.

âSuite 4 lets smart network administrators easily trim their budgets and operating expenses by moving to less-costly hardware with âtrueâ diskless thin clients,â he said. âDiskless thin clients sell for much less than PCs, donât have energy-consuming hard, floppy and CD drives or fans, or embedded software to be ravaged by viruses or become obsolete,â he said.

âJust like its predecessors, our new Suite 4 administers ârecycledâ diskless thin clients, too,â said Del Russo. âSuite 4 is the best available solution for adding Web-based centralized management controls to existing and expanded networks of workstations made from revitalized, born-again PCs.

âWith networks running The Symbiont Management Suite, users can choose from freely-available Open Source software in addition to popular Windows applications,â said Del Russo.

âThe choices are many - almost never-ending,â said Del Russo. âUsers can continue to use all of the programs they need to complete their tasks. And while Suite 4 runs on a Linux server, it pushes Windows, Citrix and other desktops over the network, automatically setting-up and configuring PXE-bootable diskless thin clients, including those from Hewlett-Packard and other manufacturers.

âWhen we introduced the first Symbiont Management Suite in September of 2003, we helped popularize diskless thin client networks,â Del Russo said. âIn the 14 months since then we have built a loyal and growing base of customers in education, local and state government, and businesses who rely on The Symbiont Management Suite to administer their diskless thin client networks.

âNow,â he said, âwith The Symbiont Management Suite 4, we continue to break new ground and set standards for the LTSP community worldwide.â

New Front End, Easier Installation

The Symbiont Management Suite 4 features a new front end which, Del Russo said, âsignificantly eases the installation process. By simply clicking boxes to designate which programs are to be loaded, the new installer on Suite 4 will auto-load each program in the proper sequence.â

Other new features and benefits on Suite 4 include:

  • Message-sending from the Administrator, system-wide or to any unit on the network;
  • Storage media that can be plugged into the client and then removed for portability and security;
  • Sessions and Screens, supporting X, Windows Terminal Services (RDP), Telnet, Citrix and other terminal emulators, with a maximum of three screens defined;
  • User Profiles recognized by the system on client boot-up;
  • Power-Up and Power-Down capability from the Workstation Status Page;
  • Workstation Grouping, organized into Administrator-defined categories;
  • Enhanced Subnet Control, the ability to view and modify the settings of network interface cards, and an
  • Overall Updated Look and Feel, including a new color scheme, intuitive layout and new graphics.

New Symbiont Certification Program

The Symbiont Management Suite 4 is supported by the new Symbiont Certification Program, which has set training and testing standards for LTSP users and administrators and VARs serving the LTSP marketplace:

  • The Symbiont Certified Technician (SCT) is a one-day course designed to improve core diskless thin client network administrative skills;
  • The Symbiont Certified Engineer (SCE) is a three-day course designed to teach advanced diskless thin client administrative skills.

A schedule of training and certification classes through the end of 2005 is available online. In addition, a syllabus is now being created for a new Symbiont Certified Developer course planned for late 2005 or early 2006.

Available from Symbio Technologies VAR Network

The Symbiont Management Suite 4 is available to and through the companyâs international network of VARs, who provide installation and support services, as well as Symbio Technologies' own diskless thin clients.

Information on becoming a Symbio Technologies VAR or any of the Symbiont Certified training programs is available at or by calling (914) 576-1205.

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