August 17, 2006

SYSGO unveils Industrial Grade Linux

Diana Brandt writes "Mainz/Germany, August 15, 2006
SYSGO, the European vendor of reliable device software, today announced the release of ELinOS v4.1, the first Industrial Grade Linux solution. ELinOS v4.1 serves the need for an Industrial Grade Embedded Linux solution in the market: Field proven technology, support for all industrial hardware platforms and dedicated industry software components in combination to a traceable qualification process ensure the highest development standards.

“ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux is the next milestone in the lasting success of the ELinOS product family. With ELinOS RealTime coming up in September and the recently released ELinOS v4.1 Industrial Grade Linux we complete our offer for the demands of the growing Embedded Linux market,“ says Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO.

With the release of ELinOS v4.1 Industrial Grade Linux, CODEO and COGNITO, SYSGO’s application development framework, have been added to the standard ELinOS bundle. CODEO, SYSGO’s integrated development environment, already incorporates COGNITO, the embedded target analyzer tool. Thus, ELinOS customers are now enabled to analyze their Embedded Linux application’s timing behavior and take a close look to the Embedded Linux resource information. This includes memory utilization, IRQ behavior, process tree, available sockets, etc. Furthermore, the user is enabled to develop embedded applications with a comprehensive development environment dedicated to embedded developers needs.

ELinOS v4.1 Industrial Grade Linux includes Kernel 2.6.15 and 2.4.31. Both Kernels are tested and validated on the supported platforms and incorporate all necessary security patches. ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux explicitly supports the needs of industrial automation customers providing solutions for CAN, CANOpen, VME, IPv4/IPv6, EtherCAT, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and many more. Xenomai is available as Linux real-time extension but for hard real-time purposes, ELinOS v4.1 customers can upgrade to ELinOS RealTime, SYSGO’s POSIX compliant hard real-time solution for Linux. New BSPs (e.g. Freescale Lite5200B, MEN PowerQuicc III boards EM3 and EM8, AMD LX 800, Digital-Logic MSM800SEV and MPCV800, Motorola MVME 3100, AMCC 405 Taihu, Atmel AT91RM9200, Teco Tempo 02 and MP-10, MP-11, MP-12 modules) are also included as well as BSPs for virtualization engines, such as PikeOS (X86, PPC, MIPS), QEMU (x86, PPC, ARM) and VMware (X86).

Corporate Profile SYSGO AG
SYSGO is specialized in design, implementation and configuration of device software for the embedded market. Besides SYSGO’s real-time operating system solution for safety-critical system, PikeOS and the Embedded Linux development environment, ELinOS, SYSGO offers the development of device drivers, board support packages and firmware. SYSGO also supports its international customers with services for Embedded Linux, real-time and certification for safety-critical applications. The target markets are aerospace/defense, industrial automation, automotive, consumer electronic and network infrastructure. SYSGO’s customers include DaimlerChrysler, EADS Airbus, EADS Military Air Systems, Honeywell, IBM, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde & Schwarz and Siemens VDO. SYSGO AG was founded in Mainz, Germany, in 1991 and was reincorporated as a joint stock company in October 2002. Today, the company has six facilities in Germany and Europe and provides a global distribution network.

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