System administration bootcamp with free Linux laptop


Author: JT Smith, a leading provider of Linux training, will
offer its next weekend system administration bootcamp on March
3-4, 2001 in San Francisco bay area (south bay). This
workshop is designed for busy information technology professionals
and is designed to cover the most important Linux administration

In addition to carefully designed lecture material delivered by
experienced Linux professionals, there is a heavy emphasis on
hands-on learning. The training starts two weeks before the actu-
al class, with access to an online Linux server, where students
complete few challenging pre-class activities. Attendees get a
powerful Linux laptop on their arrival, along with other class
materials. They load Linux on their laptop during the class, and
use it for all the class activities and assignments. At the end
of the class they take this laptop with them to further enhance
their Linux expertise. Absolute beginners with no UNIX experience
can first come to the popular “Linux for Beginners” class and
subsequently join the system administration bootcamp.

Rapid growth of Linux into corporate and government IT environments is fueling the need for Linux certified professionals. CIOs and managers are eager to have Linux experts in their organizations. A certification provides a tangible mechanism for their hiring evaluation, as well as a means to market the prowess of organizations.

“As an independent IT consultant I am always on my toes to learn
new technologies, without much free time to devote to classes.
The bootcamp was a perfect way for me to jump-
start my Linux knowledge. I can now use Linux as a valuable
tool in my career,” said Taylor Cottam, an independent consultant
who joined one of the weekend bootcamps.

This weekend bootcamp is specially designed to prepare the at-
tendees for the objectives of Level 1 certification exams offered
by Linux Professional Institute (LPI). The workshop also meets
the objectives of the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam and
Sair Linux & GNU certification (LCA).

Our attendees build a strong sense of community with our instructors,
fellow students, and our network of recruiters and companies
looking for Linux consultants.


The mission of is to bring Linux to mainstream
IT usage. We firmly believe that Linux has an enormous potential,
once it crosses over from the early adopters to the more mainstream
users. Our goal is to help this transition by providing:

– Linux trained and certified professionals

– Linux certified products that cater to mainstream users rather
than early adopters.


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