Systems We Love: How the Past Informs Our Present



It started with a July tweet asking if there was interest and after dozens of responses (and 161 “likes”) it was on. By mid-October, organizers for the first-ever “Systems We Love” conference had received 162 submissions for just 19 speaking slots, and “I marked 70 as ‘would love to see’,” committee member and Joyent software engineer Ryan Zezeski posted on Twitter.

This Tuesday, the conference finally happened… Inspired by Papers We Love where people give talks on their favorite computer science papers this event featured talks on favorite systems, conference organizer, and Joyent chief technology officer, Bryan Cantrill explained in a blog post. While papers are nice, “it is ultimately the artifacts that we develop the systems themselves that represent the tangible embodiment of our ideas.”

It began with Ryan Zezeski a software engineer a Joyent, fondly remembering his interactions Roger Faulkner, one of the pioneering programmers from the days when Unix was still spelled with all capital letters “an engineer’s engineer,” and the creator of its /proc filesystem.

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