T-Platforms Rolls Out World’s Highest-Density GPU Blade System


Today Russian HPC vendor T-Platforms unveiled what it calls the world’s highest-density blade system. As the first blade rack to include the new NVIDIA X2070 GPU, the T-Platforms TB2-TL uses innovative packaging to deliver 105 Teraflops of double-precision peak performance in a single rack. The system is set to start shipping next quarter, and while the possibility of delivering a Petaflop in just 10 racks may sound impressive enough, the TB2-TL also achieves a record-breaking 1450 MFLOPS/Watt.

“We designed this solution for the high end segment of the supercomputer market,” said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms. “Working with NVIDIA, we have architected the world’s most dense blade system while achieving a performance to power consumption ratio twice that of the top system now listed in the Green500.  The TB2-TL will support petascale operations today while giving our customers the infrastructure necessary for the eventual transition to exascale.”

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