February 16, 2007

Tadpole Linux Announces Logo Design Competition

Jason Komar writes "Tadpole Linux is a LiveCD distribution based on Gentoo Linux. Its aim is to provide a Linux experience for use in elementary schools for grades Kindergarten to about Grade 6.

 As of yet, Tadpole Linux does not have a project logo, and so we would like to open up the logo design to the public.

 Competition Rules:


The logo chosen from the results of the design competition will become the main logo symbol for Tadpole Linux. It will appear on the web site, CD/DVD labels, printed matter, hardware equipment, etc.


  • The logo must be the original work of the submitter.
  • The logo design should be a vector graphic, not a bitmap image.
  • The logo must not exploit any person's gender, ethnicity, religion, morality, or culture.
  • The logo should relate to the aims of the project, i.e. geared toward K-6 elementary school students.

Submission Format:

Each submission should contain the following and should be sent to <logo-competition@tadpolelinux.org>:

  • Submitter's full name and email address.
  • Description of the design/concept.
  • jpg or png thumbnail with a resolution of at least 400px by 400px.
  • High resolution print ready scalable vector format such as portable eps, svg, or Adobe Illustrator (ai).


The Tadpole Linux logo design competition is open to all designers, professional and non-professional. It is open to individuals only; participation cannot take place in a corporate or business capacity.

Copyright Assignment:

The Tadpole Linux project will acquire ownership of the winning logo by assignment of copyright. The winning designer will disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other rights related to the design.

By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the logo and is its rightful owner.

The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.


  • Designs will not be returned to the designers.
  •  The Tadpole Linux project will not accept responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed or damaged.
  • Any submission that does not fit within the above "submission format" will be ignored without any warning.


A $75.00 gift certificate to Stormfront Ventures (http://www.jbox.ca/

Submission Deadline:

All logo design submissions must be received by Friday, March 2, 2007 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time. 


Link: tadpolelinux.org

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