December 11, 2000

Tailor-made software components

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader pulrich submitted this announcement: "Qbizm Technologies, Inc., the premier software component provider has announced its Prague project. The Prague project enables third party companies to outsource their software component development in Qbizm's award winning European facilities at a fraction of a cost in the US.
"The Prague project is primarily focused at US system integrators and software houses fighting the need for professional software developers. With the Prague project their work can be fully or partially outsourced by our skilled engineers at a fraction of their US cost." - said Peter K. Ulrich CEO and founder of Qbizm Technologies, Inc.

"Communication is arranged by the latest Internet collaborative tools linking together high-profile project managers, analytical group and developers with a customer ensuring smooth project handling, even across the ocean." - said Rene Michalek CTO of Qbizm Technologies, Inc.

Qbizm Technologies, Inc. is a partner in the delivery and deployment of added value software building blocks for sophisticated and scalable mobile commerce solutions. Qbizm's European award winning research and development team has developed a new open architecture (HyperQbs) for Internet application developers enabling reusable software components with a dynamic face.

Let the Qbs roll . . .

Issued by the Press office of Qbizm Technologies, Inc. on Monday, December 11th, 2000

For more information refer to:
Qbizm Technologies, Inc.
2033 Gateway Place
Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95110 USA
Tel. +420 602 711 890
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