November 1, 2002

Taiwan's FTC accepts Microsoft's proposal to settle

Andy Tai writes "According to this news
, Taiwan, Republic of China' s Fair Trade
Commission has agreed with Microsoft's proposal to
settle the case over Microsoft's anti-competitive

"An FTC official says "the case is too
complicated to clear up within six months" so
settlement is the preferred option. This comes after
Microsoft officials visited Taiwan and met with the
Vice President and the Premier and promised to set
up new research centers
(for "technologies" such
as.Net) in Taiwan. Opposition party legislators
accuse the ruling party of selling Taiwan out.
Microsoft's dominance, unfortunately, seems really addictive
and has strong staying power

Background information on Taiwan FTC's investigation into Microsoft's practices can be found here and here. Microsoft was accused of price fixing, charging Taiwan's customers more than these in other countries and "forcing the sale of multiple products by bundling its software" so customers cannot purchase individual applications (like Excel) separately."


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