Take the 2013 Puppet Labs DevOps Survey and Win Cool Prizes


Last year we partnered with Gene Kim and Jez Humble to survey over 4,000 technical professionals across a wide range of businesses to better understand how the collection of practices we call DevOps had evolved since the label was first coined by Patrick Debois in 2009.

This year, we’re pleased to bring the survey back with help from Gene, Jez and many other practitioners, researchers and thought leaders in the DevOps community. We hope you’ll take the survey and help add to our growing understanding of how DevOps is changing the way we work.

We learned quite a few things from our last survey, but for me the most interesting results were the undeniable facts that actual adoption of DevOps practices had accelerated significantly, that this acceleration was no longer primarily restricted to web operations, and that these practices were enabling companies of all sizes to ship code faster and with fewer failures.

Given all this, it’s a no-brainer to run the survey again this year. In order to measure trends, we’ll keep collecting data around many of the same points as in previous years, but we’ll also be investigating a few new areas to mirror the changes we’ve seen in the past year:

  • Have DevOps culture and practices moved to more mainstream enterprise environments?
  • What organizational behaviors correlate with high performance?
  • Are DevOps practices breaking down traditional silos of network and storage management?
  • Are the highest performing organizations still accelerating away from the pack?

In order to get robust answers to these questions, we need a great sample of respondents across the community. Because your time is valuable, we’re offering a great incentive:

Completing the survey will enter you in a drawing to win a ticket to PuppetConf 2014, a PS4 console, or an XBox One (you get to pick). Twenty randomly-chosen winners will each receive a prize pack, including a Puppet Labs t-shirt and a bundle of technical books worth $150:

Simply fill out the survey, check out the rest of our DevOps December content, and we’ll announce winners on January 20. And please be sure to share the survey with your friends and colleagues: The more people we hear from, the better the data.

Looking forward to another great set of data around DevOps practices.

– See more at: http://puppetlabs.com/blog/take-2013-devops-survey-win-cool-prizes#sthash.Ezp5NzJD.dpuf

Editor’s note: This article is re-published with permission from Puppet Labs.