August 16, 2003

Take this idea... please

- by Jordi Carrasco-Munoz -
Hanoi, Vietnam -- I would like to propose a pooling of ideas. The domain name, "," (which is not yet registered as I write this) is my first contribution

I propose a website dedicated to ideas (good and bad), which are not going to be patented anyway because one is too busy, lazy or poor to commercialise. All ideas, like this one, are published under a FSF/GNU license. If the idea becomes popular, the time stamp from usemyGPLideas proves who created it and makes it non-patentable in many countries. The database of ideas can be freely replicated.

As ideas become popular, people distribute them among their friends and colleagues. Users can voluntarily vote for any idea. Cheating in order to go higher in any of many scales does not benefit you much. People will still contact others whose ideas they like, regardless of all your votes. Without votes bad ideas simply sit there, although some will surface again in the future. So don't worry about sending bad ideas. They will simply disappear in a black hole from lack of use, distribution, and votes.

Some kinds of things you might want to submit:

* The ideas to save money your boss never implemented (plus all the other ideas you didn't even bother telling him) may benefit other companies.

* That business idea you know could make money (yet you know it's a business you will never start up) can make millions to others.

* An idea for a new .org that may interest someone.

Basically, anything. All these ideas, which one typically wastes, may be of use to someone else. They may not bring you money, but there is little to lose.

Signing ideas with a handle and an encrypted key could become an acceptable business, or a help you get a job, because those who like your ideas may want some more. With the use of datestamps, encrypted sygnatures, and transparency, it's not easy to cheat.

The domain is not registered yet. Does anyone want to run it?


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