January 22, 2008

A tale of two stacks

Microsoft ââ¬â or at least part of Microsoft ââ¬â continues its quest to persuade open-source developers that Windows should be on their short-list of platforms. You know, right up there with Linux.
Sam Ramji, the Microsoft guy whose job it is to mend fences and foster collaboration with open-source ISVs and other partners points to progress.
Exhibit A: Ramji ââ¬â his formal title is director of platform technology strategy ââ¬â will keynote at this springââ¬â¢s EclipseCon conference. Not traditionally a big venue for Microsoft execs.
Exhibit B: Nearly a third (30 percent) of SugarCRMââ¬â¢s business is now on Windows, he says. SugarCRM is the open-source CRM pioneer. Two years ago Microsoft and SugarCRM inked a technical collaboration pact.
Exhibit C: Of the 140,000-some-odd applications on the Sourceforge repository some 77,000 now run on Windows, Ramji says. Admittedly, a large number of that 140,000 are probably dead apps, but why quibble?

Link: channelmarker.blogs.techtarget.com


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