Taming the Mesos Bleeding Edge with DC/OS


Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, famously said: “Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide Saas services.” That’s a bold prediction. Aaron Williams, Head of Advocacy and DC/OS at Mesosphere, believes it’s true and that DC/OS is the bridge to this new world. He tells us why at MesosCon Asia 2016.

There has to be a business case for all of this upheaval. For early adopters such as Adobe, Twitter, IBM, and many other industry bigwigs, it’s about doing things nobody could do before, and they have the resources to experiment.

But what do you if you’re not an industry titan with vast resources? Containers, microservices, Apache Mesos, these are all massive change-movers, upending datacenters and remaking them in completely different ways, and changing how business operate. Everything is different. “It’s really a story of increased complexity,” says Williams, “Going from a single mainframe to multiple servers to virtual machines to containers inside virtual machines. You increase the sophistication of your data center. You increase the complexity of your data center.”

All of this requires much more than just Mesos. It’s a constellation of all different kinds of software: data analytics engines, containers, container orchestrators, service discovery, monitoring and alerting…the good news all of this is open source software. It’s freely available, freely shared, and supported by large communities of skilled motivated users. This is one of the most startling changes — competitors in all industries cooperating on building and sharing core software stacks.

The bad news is the complexity: you just want to build your apps and services and not have to invest large resources in building the supporting framework. This where DC/OS comes in. Williams says, “I think what you’ll find is that the DC/OS project does a good job of bringing together the core components that are needed, makes it easy for you to install, easy to get started… We’ve got a GUI and a CLI… You can install your favorite frameworks, analytics, big data, fast data, etc. Then we have what’s called the Universe, which gives you an easy one-click or one-command way to install these frameworks into your data center.”

In a short amount of time, we’ve gone from having to painfully piece everything together and do a lot of custom coding to having a nice ready-to-use platform in DC/OS.

Watch Williams’ complete talk (below) to learn more about the key DC/OS components, and how large vendors like Autodesk use DC/OS to streamline their datacenter and invest more resources in microservices and applications that move their businesses forward.


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