August 23, 2002

Tcl Dev Kit available: New ActiveState Tcl too

Lori Pike writes: "ActiveState Corp., the leader in
open language-based software, services, and resources, announces the Tcl Dev Kit 2.0, ActiveState's major update to the Tcl toolkit,
enabling rapid development and delivery of Tcl applications on the
HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms. The Tcl Dev Kit 2.0
extends the functionality of the original TclPro tool set with tool UIs,
Tcl 8.4 support, and overall quality improvements.

The Tcl Dev Kit 2.0 gives Tcl developers a powerful suite of
application development tools, similar to those enjoyed by the thousands
of Perl programmers using ActiveState's Perl Dev
. Key new enhancements to the Tcl Dev Kit are tool UIs added to
the Wrapper and Compiler, making the options for these tools clearer and
more manageable. As well, the debugging coverage option ensures code is
thoroughly tested, and hotspot profiling helps identify performance

"The quality of ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit really shows. It's a lot
more stable and consistent than the open source version [TclPro], and it
has a really intuitive user interface," said Joe Mistachkin, Principal
Software Engineer of TCLBridge. "I use ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit in the
development of TCLBridge and find the debugger is great at handling all
facets of source-level Tcl debugging, allowing me to get work done more
quickly and accurately."

Tcl Dev Kit 2.0 features and benefits:

  • TclPro Checker - Batch mode static code analyzer from command prompt
    checks for errors as you write code
  • TclPro Debugger - Powerful Tcl debugging capabilities including
    remote debugging
  • TclPro Wrapper - Deploy Tcl programs as ready-to-run executables for
    HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows
  • TclPro Compiler - A pre-compiler for obfuscating your code from
    prying eyes

The Tcl Dev Kit is available for $295. It is also provided as part
of ActiveState's complete Tcl programming bundle, ASPN Tcl, for $495. The
ASPN Tcl bundle also contains: a Tcl-enabled version of ActiveState's
Komodo IDE for open languages, online access to Tcl resources including
the Tcl Cookbook, interactive tools, and ASPN's comprehensive
programming resources.

About ActiveState Corp.
ActiveState is the leader in open language-based software, services, and
resources. Our solutions are used by 72% of the Fortune 500 and
encompass cross-platform and Web services development, and server-side
email management. Our key technologies are Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and
XSLT. ActiveState's solutions empower people through computing,
minimizing obstacles for programmers, and increasing productivity in the

Media & Analyst Contacts:
Lori Pike, ActiveState

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are trademarks of ActiveState Corp. All other company names herein may
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