November 3, 2003

TCS to start Linux Demo Lab

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), will be opening a Linux Demo Lab in Delhi sometime around February 2004. The lab, which has been worked on
since August, has been put together to give an idea on how an IT stack functions on the Linux OS and will be open to the public. The lab will function
independently from the Linux Centre of Excellence set up by TCS six months ago and restricted only to some of their larger companies.

"Apart from these newer labs, TCS already has in place the Mainframe Linux Lab in Chennai where we deal with IBM Mainframes and web consolidation on
their servers. We also have the Intel Performance Lab in Mumbai, where we have displayed everything from Pentium to Itanium products of Intel. We have
also displayed various platforms on which they work," said Gautam Shroff, Head Architecture and Technology Consulting, TCS.



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