September 11, 2003

Tea with Teller: Dr. Strangelove pulls no punches - UPDATED

The story we purchased from a freelance writer that originally appeared under this headline was apparently plagiarized heavily, if not totally, from an article in the October, 1999 Scientific American. Please accept our apologies for publishing this falsified story. We NewsForge editors have been victims of many gross plagiarisms ourselves, so we understand how the author of the original article, Gary Stix, must feel toward us right now. Needless to say, the freelancer who brought the "Tea With Teller" article to us and claimed that it was an original work will never write for NewsForge again.

- Robin 'Roblimo' Miller, NewsForge Editor in Chief

PS - NewsForge reader Alan Hohn first called the problem to our attention. Thank you, Alan.


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