January 31, 2002

Team ASA announces the newest member of the NPWR Single Networking Computer family

Author: JT Smith

Lyn Reaves writes: Team ASA Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance cross platform networking products, today announced the newest member in the NPWR Single Networking Computer family, the NPWR-DS.

The NPWR-DS, the first Single Board Networking Computer (SBNC) implemented with Dual 160 Mega bytes per second SCSI ports and Dual Gigabit Ethernet channels. The NPWR-DS is specifically designed for tape drive manufacturers who wish to implement embedded Linux and BSD servers.

"The NPWR-DS with its dual SCSI channels will give our customers the ability to fetch data from slower tape drives on one SCSI port, and access higher speed disk on the second SCSI port, simultaneously." Said Mark Murray, president of Team ASA, Inc. "Dual SCSI ports is something our customers have been asking for since the initial release of NPWR" explained Murray.

The NPWR-DS offers the same high performance, compact footprint, and low power consumption as the previous NPWR family members. NPWR-DS consumes only 15W at 733 MHz. The NPWR-DS is shipped standard with a Linux OS FLASH ROM Drive. A BSD port for all NPWR SBNCs will be available soon.

The NPWR-DS is powered by a Intel XScale processor, a RISC CPU with clock rates reaching as high as 733 Mhz. The NPWR-DS standard configuration includes Dual 160 Megabyte per second SCSI ports, 8 Mbytes of FLASH ROM, 128 Mbytes of SDRAM and Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Every NPWR includes Team ASA's Linux port on CDROM. The NPWR CDROM also includes all tools, documentation and sources needed to make any NPWR based product an immediate success. NPWR is factory configured with a Flash ROM disk running Linux to ensure expedited product development.

"OEMs can use the NPWR-DS to build Tape Servers, Tape Controllers, Firewalls, Routers even RAID Controllers" said Murray. "Our customers can take the NPWR out of the box and implement a new product in a single day."
NPWR_DS is scheduled to start shipping on March 4th, 2002. Team ASA is currently shipping the single Channel SCSI with Dual Gigabit Ethernet version of the NPWR . Suggested retail pricing for NPWR-DS with Dual SCSI and Dual Gigabit Ethernet at the following speeds is as follows, 400 MHz NPWR is $1.095; the 600 MHz NPWR is $1,135 and the pricing for the 733 MHz. NPWR is $1,395. OEM pricing is available on request.

Team ASA, Inc. will display it's product line including all NPWR family members during the Intel Developers Forum at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco on February 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2002.

About Team ASA, Inc.

Team ASA, Inc. designs, develops, and markets high-speed networking communications solutions for Pre-Press and Digital Multimedia professionals. Team ASA's products increase the productivity of professional users working with large files in networked environments. Team ASA solves the common problem of long delays when sending large multi-megabyte digital files across a network. Team ASA's released the NPWR in June of 2001. Team ASA 's current product line also includes the Stallion GT/GE Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

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