Team ASA announces Ultra Low Cost Linux Engine

Mark Murray writes “San Diego, CA — Team ASA Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance networking and storage products, today announced the newest member in the NPWR family of Single Board Networking Computers the “NPWR-LC”.

The NPWR-LC is Team ASA’s first Single Board Networking Computer (SBNC) based on the Intel IXP425 XScale Network Processor Unit (NPU). The NPWR-LC I/O suite consists of Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, Quad Serial ATA ports, USB 1.1 port and Dual Serial ports. The NPWR-LC Memory configuration supports 8 to 256 Megabytes of SDRAM and 8-16 Megabytes of FLASH ROM. The NPWR-LC NPU is factory configurable to run at 266, 400 or 533 MHz. Due to the high level of integration achieved in the NPWR-LC design, the NPWR-LC form factor is available in the standard NPWR 5″ by 8″ or a new ultra compact 4″ by 5″ footprint.

The NPWR-LC is perfect for cost conscious applications in the Small to Medium Business (SMB) or Residential market places. The NPWR-LC comes fully configured Linux or NetBSD, and will boot its OS from FLASH ROM Disk. The NPWR CDROM also includes all tools, documentation and sources needed to make any NPWR-LC based product an immediate success. Standard Linux applications on the NPWR CD-ROM include Samba, NetAtalk, Apache and NFS.

Our OEM customers have been asking for this some time now” quoted Mark Murray Team ASA’s president. “The NPWR-LC provides a low cost alternative without sacrificing processing performance”, continued Murray. As with all NPWR SBNC products, customers can take the NPWR-LC out of the box and implement a new product in a single day.

The price of a NPWR-LC configured with a 266 MHz Intel IXP425 XScale NPU, 128 MB of SDRAM, Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, and 4 SATA Ports in 1000 piece quantity is $115.00 USD. The NPWR-LC is available in sample quantities now and production quantities mid-Q4, 2004.

About Team ASA, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Team ASA, Inc. (Team ASA), designs, develops, and markets networking and storage solutions for mid to large scale OEMs. Team ASA products allow OEMs in the Networking and Storage industry to easily implement embedded Linux and NetBSD systems either in existing products or in completely new products.

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