September 12, 2013

Tech Heavyweights are Signing on to Create New Chromebooks

This week marks a significant move forward for Google's Chrome OS platform and Chromebooks--portable computers based on it. A series of new Chromebooks announced this week are based on new CPU technology from Intel. At the recent Intel Developer Forum, Intel discussed broad plans to bring its Haswell chip technology to new Chromebooks. Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard and Acer announced new versions of Chromebooks and Toshiba, a respected player in the portable computer space, signed on to deliver Chromebooks.

 Acer, of course, has already made a splash with its C7 Chromebook (shown above) which has steadily sold for $199--a remarkable price point. In fact, some OStatic readers have reported buying low cost Chromebooks just to put their favorite Linux distros on the machine. 


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