March 12, 2004

Tech Jobs: Linux on the Move

Of the three main Linux-related jobs -- operations management, programming and tech support -- programming has suffered the greatest impact, since
many coding jobs have been exported to low-wage countries -- "although not all will go offshore," says Meta Group analyst Maria Schafer. See Complete

The constant stream of headlines about Linux's advance in the enterprise seems to offer a glimmer of hope for job seekers. Given the many companies
adopting the upstart operating system, employers certainly will need to hire legions of Linux techs, right?

In a recent quarter, for example, Linux server sales grew 42 percent year over year -- a
breathtaking jump compared to the tortoise-like growth rate of the server market overall. And top players like IBM
and Sun are poised -- or have begun -- to make massive pushes in the Linux desktop
arena. Such initiatives are fueling a dramatic surge in Linux-related job openings.



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