March 15, 2007

TechBookReport on 'CSS Web Site Design'

TBR writes "Eric Meyer is already something of a CSS guru, with a slew of highly regarded books to his name, including CSS: The Definitive Guide, reviewed previously here on TechBookReport. Now, to add to his list of titles is CSS Web Site Design - Hands On Training. As suggested by the subtitle, this is a book with a decidedly practical focus and is pitched at the CSS beginner who has at least some basic knowledge of web page design using XHTML.

The book is structured around a single worked example that is worked on through successive chapters and topics, refining the design, meeting different challenges head on and illustrating how best to make use of standard compliant CSS 2.0. As well as learning the basics of CSS selectors, inheritance and cascading, the book provides a lot of useful advance on the design and layout of the site. Tables, floating elements, navigation, colours, backgrounds and more are all explored in some detail."


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