July 1, 2005

TechBookReport on 'Data Crunching'

TBR writes "Wrestling with data is a fact of life for a lot of developers. There must be some who manage to steer clear of the problem, but for many of us it's an often painful chore that consumes more hours than we care to admit. Rolling up data from one format to another, applying adjustments, cleaning up poor quality data, moving from one system to another … the list of data crunching tasks is as long as the list of obscure formats that we have to untangle. By its nature the data crunching task often starts as a one-off job or a quick fix. This means that the code we produce is also a one-off or a quick fix. But the same problems crop up again and again and after a while we find ourselves solving similar problems for the umpteenth time. Greg Wilson has been there too, and this slim but useful little book is one of the results."

Link: techbookreport.com

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