February 22, 2006

TechBookReport on 'Managing Agile Projects'

TBR writes "Some of the more fundamentalist exponents of agile development methodologies would reduce the totality of roles within software development to two: developers and customers. And even then you get the impression that customers are viewed as no more than a necessary evil. Architects, project managers, DBAs, testers, integrators, build masters and the rest barely get a look in. In particular the role of the project manager is conspicuous by its absence in most of the formal agile methodologies (with the notable exception of SCRUM, which gives mandates the need for a SCRUM Master to manage the process/project). 'Managing Agile Projects', by Sanjiv Augustine, is a book expressly designed for those project management-types who are wondering where they fit in the brave new agile world. And for those unfamiliar with the territory, there's plenty of new terminology, paradigms, metaphors and other fancy stuff to get hold before things can start to make sense."

Link: techbookreport.com

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