August 22, 2006

TechBookReport on MicroISV From Vision To Reality

TBR writes "Every developer working for an employer dreams, at one time or another, about striking out alone. Whether it's a dream of starting up the next Microsoft, or simply the chance to create the perfect widget, it's a common enough fantasy for those working for someone else. And, like all such dreams, there are a few souls brave enough to try to make the fantasy a reality. Some of these are, to quote the jargon, micro-ISVs (Independent or Internet Software Vendors) - one or two person companies selling a specific product or service rather than being self-employed contractors doing development.
Anyone considering such a move has got a lot to take into consideration - from coming up with a product to handling sales and marketing to dealing with customer support and coping without the IT infrastructure they enjoy as part of a development team. Author Bob Walsh, who is himself a micro-ISV (his product is a task management tool called MasterList Professional), and a well-known blogger on all things micro-ISV related, has put together a book that looks at these disparate strands of activity from the point of view of the wannabe corporate escapee."


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