July 18, 2006

TechBookReport on 'NetBeans 5.0 IDE Field Guide'

TBR writes "In contrast to the hundreds of titles available for Eclipse, there are very few books on offer that are devoted to that other big open-source Java IDE, NetBeans. This is a shame, because a healthy eco-system of books, tutorials and communities is an essential ingredient for the success of any of the major development environments. However, with the publication of the 'NetBeans IDE Field Guide', new users finally have a single volume introduction and tutorial.
So began our review of the first edition of this popular and influential book. Where the first edition of the book was in line with NetBeans 4.1, this second edition matches NetBeans 5.0, bringing it into line with the improvements and evolutionary changes that have occurred as the IDE has continued to improve and mature."

Link: techbookreport.com

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