TechBookReport review of jEdit 4.2

jEdit is a open-source multi-platform, multi-language programmers editor and development environment. Coded in Java, it’s a fine example of a Java desktop tool that looks good, is packed full of useful functionality and has snappy response times. If the mere thought of running a Java app makes your blood run cold then think again – more than one user has been forced to think again after giving jEdit a spin. Of course being coded in Java means that it is platform independent, and can run on any platform that has a run-time environment, from Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris to VMS, OS2 and Mac OS X. If you code on multiple platforms then this is a tool that you can probably use across all of them.

In terms of development environments, jEdit sits somewhere in the middle. It’s not a complete heavy-weight like Eclipse or Visual Studio, but it’s also much more than a light-weight tool like JCreator. For starters this is very much a programmers editor rather than a Java editor – it can be used for XML, HTML, Python (including Jython), Perl, PHP and many, many more.

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