January 5, 2004

TechBookReport - Review of XForms Essentials

TBR writes "XForms represent the emerging standard set to replace existing HTML forms technology. In this book Micah Dubinko, a member of the W3C XForms working group and an editor of the XForms specification, gives us a concise run-down of the specification itself and some of the other XML technologies (such as XPath and Schemas) on which the specification depends. Additionally there is some coverage of other topics such as a selection of hints and guidelines for working with XForms.

The book opens with a quick recap of HTML forms, emphasising their limitations as web technology has evolved and moved on over the years. In particular the reliance of scripting languages to provide added functionality is rightly seen as a major drawback, making complex forms a nightmare to develop and maintain. Add to this the fact that design and functionality are very closely tied and you have the stage set for the emergence of XForms.

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