June 2, 2004

TechBookReport review of 'XSLT Cookbook'

TBR writes "Getting started with XSLT is pretty straightforward if you've got a simple task to complete. Pick any of the tutorials off the web, grab a copy of Saxon (or whatever) cut and paste a simple template and off you go. Once you've had a taste of what you can achieve you'll be wanting more, no doubt about it. However, digging deeper means really having to get to grips with the functional programming style of XSLT and this is where things can get tricky. At this point it pays to look at something like Michael Fitzgerald's 'Learning XSLT', which is a great introduction but even this only goes so far. Thankfully Sal Mangano's 'XSLT Cookbook' is a great way into more advanced topics."

Link: TechBookReport.com

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