March 22, 2005

TechBookReport reviews 'Best of Verity Stob'

TBR writes "For a while I was convinced that Verity Stob was a pseudonym of Robert Schifreen, then editor of.Exe magazine which was home to Ms Stob's hilarious column. Or perhaps it was that Robert Schifreen was Ms Stob's alter ego. I forget which. But now I know that they're not the same person after all. Not that I've ever seen them in the same room. Partly this is because I still don't know who it is that hides behind the Stob moniker. I just know that it's not Rob, even if he wore a dress I'm pretty sure that Verity Stob is a she and not a he. But I digress. Verity's column is legendary. Especially amongst those who read it. Some of us have been reading it for years, following it from.Exe (which later upgraded to plain Exe before being defuncted) to DDJ to the Register where it appears occasionally (though sadly not enough)."


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